Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Beachdown ballsup - Concorde 2 saves the weekend

Well it wasn't entirely unpredictable that the Beachdown festival would go to pot. Blaming Brighton people or the recession is a bit lame - it's your reputation that cuts it. Cancelling the Fringe Festival tent in May with a week to go, leaving local contractors from last year unpaid or paid months later, and a lineup that could have been interesting-ish fifteen years ago (Ocean Colour Scene excepted - puh-leeze!) all militated against the event.

So more power to Concorde 2 who picked up the local bands scheduled to play, and created a 3-day Bank Holiday free festival.

Personal highlights were the marvellous Gloria Cycles, Puncture Kit (pictured above) who plays drum 'n' bass on his bicycle, Marina Celeste (sometime of Nouvelle Vague) and peace 'n' love reggae from Rebel Control, who were perfect for a scorchingly hot afternoon. A great atmosphere, lots of goodwill and a sterling example of how people in Brighton can actually get their shit together when they try.

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