Monday, August 10, 2009


Nothing lasts forever...

Of course, I wasn't naive enough to think it would last forever. But there's a part of me which really believed it would last longer than it did.

We had a good few years together, almost my constant companion. When we weren't together, I looked forward to the times we would be. It was all so unpredictable, and that was part of the enticement. Sometimes hands-in-the air euphoria, followed by heart-wrenching downbeat moods. I never knew what was coming - sometimes it was just plain wrong, but more often than not it would stop me in my tracks.

We were so close, so intimate.

But then warning signs came. The occasional freeze up, stony silences. But all it would take was a bit of gentle coaxing, push the right buttons, re-connect and all would be restored to normality. But it started happening more and more. Some days would be fine, others we'd be on a train or a bus and I'd just get frozen out, no explanation, no rhyme or reason. But somehow things would get back on track again - until the next time.

But sooner or later, it had to happen. And then you just have to be honest with yourself that nothing lasts forever - one day your iPod will simply die.

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