Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Lady Carol in Hastings 4.7.09

Having seen the astonishing performance by Lady Carol at the Brighton Festival Fringe (review here), Erica and I decided to put her on in Hastings at our occasional night, Another Planet.

And she didn't disappoint.

The audience really didn't know what to expect as Carol's style is a bit hard to explain - comedy with cover versions of songs by Queen, Johnny Cash, Radiohead and Nirvana interspersed by originals, all played on a ukulele and with a huge voice with a delicious raw edge. The audience sat rapt, and while I'm not sure they entirely got the comic descriptions of growing up in Ireland, the temperature rose a couple of degrees when Carol whipped off her dress in the second half to reveal another one underneath and a rather stunning pair of legs. Phew.

On Sunday we did our tourist guide bit and took Carol over the West Hill for a pint in the garden at the Stag and a wander down to the Stade. This was in contrast to the horror of Robertson Street on Saturday night, which rather startled Carol as we walked back through its unrestrained Breughelian chaos and barely contained violence. Nasty.

Thanks to Lady Carol for a lovely gig, to everyone who came, and to Eat@ for their eternal helpfulness, and we'll definitely get her back next year.

Links: Lady Carol's MySpace
Another Planet's MySpace


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