Thursday, June 25, 2009


Spacedog in Hastings 20/6/09

"This one's about inviting your relatives round for a meal... except they leave without eating anything - because they're dead." That tongue-in-cheek eeriness epitomises Spacedog's darkly humourous take on electronic music.

The Angliss sisters - Sarah on theremin, musical saw, laptop and assorted home-made instruments, and Jenny on haunting ethereal vocals - channel the spirit of classic British horror films like The Wicker Man into a fascinating set of songs by Brel, Weill and traditional children's rhymes with an inevitably creepy edge, supported by an array of other-worldly instuments.

A tribute to the original Spacedog, Laika, is accompanied by robotic bells, while automaton doll Clara twitches and flicks an ace of spades card during a particularly haunting song about a dead child, punctuated by excerpts from a 60s public information film about the dangers of playing near water.

The second part of the show featured a live demonstration of an original 1910 Edison phonograph, playing from a wax cylinder and recording voices from the audience onto another, unnervingly sounding just as if it had been recorded a century ago. Both fascinating and funny, Spacedog are one of the most inventive acts playing at the moment, and the audience at Eat@ in Hastings were left beguiled by this spooky and engaging performance.


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