Monday, May 11, 2009


Spacedog at the Marlborough 8/5

Where else would you find a Victorian seance, ghostly theremin and mournful songs of death and decay but in the company of Spacedog?

Coming on like a bunch of science teachers putting on an end of term show, Spacedog charm, beguile and surprise with their collection of home-made electronic instruments, including a rack of small bells programmed to work automatically, and an odd construction of steel tubes stroked with a bow to produce eerie other-worldly tones. And of coursethere's a musical saw in there too.

Taking in songs by Brel and Weill as well as originals including a tribute to the original spacedog, the hapless Laika, Jenny Angliss’s soaring vocals augmented by her sister Sarah's electronics, Spacedog's Marlborough show provided a magical escape to other worlds.

The second part of the show was a re-creation of a Victorian seance, conducted by Professor Wiseman. We sat in the darkened room, having contemplated a number of objects which would invoke the spirit of a long-dead music hall star. Holding hands in a circle, the collection of objects before us identifiable only by luminous strips to make them visible in the dark, there were gasps and screams as the wicker ball flew into the air, and the tambourine clattered on the table, sending the candlestick flying. All Victorian parlour tricks of course, but you could see how a gullible audience of a previous era could willingly believe the spirits truly were amongst us.


Hello Melita. Thanks for reviewing the show and liking it. I'm trying now to follow your blog but not sure how. The poo and food story is fascinating or perhaps more correctly food and poo. Jenny xxx
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