Monday, May 11, 2009


Lynn Ruth Miller at the Quadrant

Incontinence pads, smoking crack and checking the obituaries to see who's newly available to date are just three of the subjects Lynn Ruth Miller shared with us in her surprise hit festival show, Ageing is Amazing.

With no buildup, Lynn Ruth's week long late-night residency at the Quadrant's Laughing Horse club became a word of mouth success, pulling in audiences from twenty-somethings to slapheaded oldies, drawn by the sheet quirkiness and charm of this musical comedy show.

By turns shocking, filthy and touching, Lynn Ruth has an innocence in her performance which leaves you gasping incredulously “Did she REALLY say that??”. Taking up comedy four years ago at the age of 71 after a career as a writer, she's showing that her life experience is a rich mine of hilarious comic potential and I hope she achieves her ambition to pop her clogs onstage at the age of 99. I'm sure she'll get what she wants.
***** UPDATE: Lynn Ruth won 'Star of the Festival' at the Latest Brighton Festival & Fringe Awards


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