Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Legless & Harmless, The Haunted Moustache, Aviator Club & Voodoo Vaudeville, 9/5

The second weekend of the Brighton Festival and Fringe was packed with some corkingly good events. Surely the most right-off show of the Fringe is Legless and Harmless at the tiny 3and10 theatre. Featuring a pair of useless Scousers who are trying to put together a show about two flatmates, one of whom has lost the use of his legs and the other his arms, this is laugh out loud anti-PC which leaves no target untouched. The surreal dance with the blow up doll will have you gasping with shock at the sheer tastelessness of it. They're back on again on the 23rd and 24th of May.

Dave Bramwell's Haunted Moustache was an entertaining monologue about the weird (and true) experiences Bramwell had when he was bequeathed a Victorian moustache in a glass case from his great-Aunt. Funny and engaging, St Andrew's church was the perfect setting for a quirky and very Brighton show.

It was hula girls, 20s hot jazz and nipple tassels all the way for the last night of The Aviator Club at the Speigeltent and Voodoo Vaudeville finished a marathon evening with surreal comedy, odd films and a star turn from the hit of the Fringe, 75-year-old cabaret artiste Lynn Ruth Miller, whose show Ageing is Amazing gives us all hope that there's plenty of fun to be had even if you don't have all your own teeth.
***** UPDATE: Dave Bramwell won 'Best Male Performer' at the Latest Brighton Festival & Fringe Awards


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