Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Janis & And the Devil May Drag You Under 11/5

A stunningly good performance from Nicky Haydn in Janis, a one-woman show at St Andrew's church about the last hours of Janis Joplin. Set in a lonely hotel room, Haydn creates an imaginary dialogue with the audience about Joplin's rollercoaster life, never letting on where the boundaries of doped-out fantasy and reality lie.

One minor criticism is the lack of amplification, as the church's acoustics occasionally swallowed the more intimate moments of the piece, but the sheer energy of the performance itself more than carried the event off. If you missed it, there's another performance on the 16th of May.

Late-night at St Andrews is And the Devil May Drag You Under, a deliciously camp cabaret with musical comedy from Frisky & Mannish (pictured above), stunningly fit acrobats and aerialists and the obligatory hula hoops and nipple tassels, all in the most inappropriate setting. A special mention for Devil Des O'Connor, whose panache, comic songs on the uke and cheeky humour soon perked up a smallish Monday night crowd.
***** UPDATE: Nicky Haydn won 'Best Female Performer' and Fiona Fletcher won 'Outstanding Contribution to the Festival' for her brilliant programme at St Andrews, at the Latest Brighton Festival & Fringe Awards


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