Monday, May 18, 2009


Erpingham Camp, Palace Pier 13/5

My top pick of the 'main' Festival so far has got to be The Erpingham Camp on the Pier.

One of notorious writer Joe Orton's lesser knows plays, the play is set in a Butlins-style holiday camp, and deals with power and pomposity and what happens when you lose your grip on absolute control. But there's a twist - the audience are actually part of the show, divided into three groups and joining the action as it races up and down the length of the Pier from three different perspectives. An electric performance from all the actors, and a theatrical tour de force to perform three plays in one and hold it all together.

Not for the fainthearted who can't cope with a bit of audience participation, this is an astonishing show and very funny to boot.
***** UPDATE: Erpingham Camp won 'Best Outdoor Event' at the Latest Brighton Festival & Fringe Awards


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