Friday, May 29, 2009


Das Fenster 26/5

I'm always a bit sad when the Festival ends as it's quite an anticlimax after a month of buzzing round town. So I thought I'd stretch it out a bit by popping into the Holmbush Records launch night at the Brunswick.

Holmbush describe their roster as 'folk step, poetronica and kittencore' – well I get the first two, but not too sure about the third. Maybe it was epitomised by Steve Elston, who sang quirky sweet songs about being treated 'like a horse', with a neat guitar style, charming the audience with his delivery.

Harry Neve combined electronics, sampled soundscapes and guitar with an engaging set, and Kopek impressed with a solo set of amazing guitar work and melancholy songs.

I'd only heard Das Fenster's demo but thought I'd pop down on the strength of that, and they far surpassed my expectations. A five-piece of German, Dutch and British origin, they comprise female vocals, double bass, violin, bassoon, guitar and sweet, sweet harmonies. The set of beautiful dreamy summer songs kept the audience enthralled throughout. Quite marvellous.


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