Monday, December 08, 2008


Experiment Stage 1 completed

Well now, I've just spent a week doing an odd experiment.

You know when one of those daft ideas pops into your mind, and you think "Nahhh...."? Well this time, thanks to a pint of Smoke in the Evening Star, I thought "Hmmmm....." and so I spent a week from 1st to 7th December photographing every single item of food and drink I popped in my gob... and every poo I did too (didn't bother with the wee as it's too boring unless you've eaten beetroot).

I posted the results on Flickr, apart from the poo as there are a lot of weirdo Flickrites out there, and I might have attracted some attention I didn't want. I also gaffer taped a lapel mic to my gut and recorded it squiggling and grumbling, and now I'm going to put them all together in a short film to delight and enthral you.

It was an odd experience as my eating habits are now exposed to the world, and eating and shitting are things people feel a bit personal about, though of course we usually eat (ok and very occasionally crap) in public. Try staring at your best mate eating and you'll soon have them wondering about you.

It wasn't a "Supersize Me" experiment in grossness - I didn't eat anything other than my normal diet - but it did feel odd at first to be recording my intake in such meticulous detail, and letting anyone else in the world see it.

So the full story's below and the pictures are on Flickr (why can't I get any bloody links in here? See sidebar for the link).

Regular updates will be on the blog and when I've finally got the film done it'll be on YouTube. And if you'd like an invitation to the World Premier, just let me know!

Hmm, someone else suggested entering for the Turner Prize today - that's definitely a pattern there.

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