Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sudan here I come! (Is it too late to change my mind...?)

OK, so here I am, awash with antibodies for just about every disease under the equatorial sun, just had my last cholera drink (rather scrummy actually, in a kind of sweet/ salty way), suitcase stuffed with 4 months' worth of malaria pills.

I was planning on travelling light, just taking the essentials and thigs I can't get out there, but once I'd packed wellies, deet, antibacterial handwash, 140 malaria tablets, soap, torches, mossie net, toothpaste etc, light wasn't starting to look so light after all.

Everyone at work, all my mates and the people around me have been sooo lovely - thank you dear hearts, I'll miss you. And of course Erica and my lovely pussy, who'd better not die while I'm away. Erica I expect to see regular pictures of Fungus looking in the best of health and don't forget to be nice to her while I'm gone.

So before you ask:
1. There is beer there though I'll miss Harvey's, Dark Star, London Pride etc etc like rotten.
2. I won't have to wear a burkha, thank you!
3. I won't be eating cows' ears unless I'm very desperate.

Just off now with the Maplin voucher from my generous work mates to stock up on solar powered chargers, radio etc.

So - farewell and adieu and see you in the autumn!


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